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Lakeview Owners Association

Owners Alert

Dear Lakeview Property Owner,

The timeshare industry has a serious growing problem with "rescue company" schemes that promise (for a large fee) to relieve the timeshare owner of his/her association assessment obligation through transfer of the owner’s timeshare interest to a new owner.  In the industry, rescue companies are variously referred to as "transfer," "rescue," "relief," or “postcard” companies.

Owners are asked to pay (large) upfront fees and promised that their interests will be transferred to another party.  Owners are also contacted at a later date to pay additional transfer fees in regards to these transactions of up to another $3 thousand dollars.  Most often, the resell or rescue companies are blaming the home resort for these fees.

As an owner at the Lakeview Property Owners Association, it is your responsibility to contact your home resort "before" you enter into a resale program.  We are here to assist you from making a mistake...please call us first!!!

Behind the Scenes

Owners of timeshare interests are solicited to attend a presentation (in person or via e-mail, phone or standard mail).  The program usually requires the owner to sign a power of attorney, allowing the rescue company or a separate closing or "title" company to control the sale of their timeshare interest.  In many cases, units are not sold to a bona fide third party purchaser but are simply dumped into a "shell company" and subsequently abandoned by said shell company.  This procedure also prohibits the Property Owners Association from getting a maintenance fee or ever obtaining title of the week.

These rescue companies flourish in the absence of an effective resale market and often use high pressure sales tactics that mislead owners, with false assurances regarding resale of their units and relief from ongoing assessment obligations.  Some of these companies even state that the association is planning to impose a large special assessment; please note that this is not the case!

Key Step

The first and best means to avoid our owners from being effected by this scam is to alert you.  We strongly suggest that you use the Lakeview Property Owners Association as your personal advisors by contacting us directly at (304)-594-9509.  As ARDA members (American Resort Development Association), please use their web site to stay abreast of this growing trend; it’s very informative and another support system for all timeshare owners.

"Please note that legally, you can still be held responsible for any current or future debt associated with your timeshare; as the promised transaction may not be recognized."

Resale Tips
  • Always check with the Lakeview Property Owners Association first.
  • Only after speaking with your home resort, first; should you proceed with working on reselling your timeshare interest.
  • Do Not pay upfront fees for any reason!!!  (Non-refundable)
  • The only resale company we refer our owners to, is Frank Febbo with Timeshare Resale Vacations:  (Call us for more information.)

a. There are no upfront fees.
b. In business for over 20 years.
d. Has done many transactions for the LPOA with zero issues.

Kristy Gondek, General Manager -
Jodi Wilburn, POA Assistant Manager -

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